We’re Shutting Down… For Now


The headline should be pretty self explanatory. As editor-in-chief and the sole writer for Pick and Popovich, I have decided to shut the website down. For now.

When I started this website, I said it was my last gasp as a sportswriter. I said that I was going to write my way and I did. I’m proud of what I’ve built this site into over the past six months. I think I’ve done some of my best writing here.

But I don’t think writing about sports is what I’m meant to do in this life, and pretending otherwise is no longer healthy. I’m going to focus on figuring out what my true path is going to be, and for now, that means giving up sports for awhile. I may start writing again. I enjoy it too much to stay away forever. But for now, this just isn’t how I should be spending my time.

Readers can find the remainder of my stored up content at The Sports Post. There’s quite a bit of it. In fact, There are over 100 pieces of original Pick and Popovich content that will be posted there between now and the start of the NBA season. The site will remain active in case you want to read any of our older content as well.

To my readers, the ones who have liked and shared my content, the ones who have argued with me in the comments section, you are the ones who made this worthwhile. This site had no backing. It was just me and my computer screen. You were the only thing that let me know I was doing a good job. You kept this site alive a lot longer than it had any right to be. You helped me hold onto this dumb dream for a little while longer. I’ll always be grateful for that. Thank you for helping me masquerade as a sportswriter.

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